Seven times “Yes” to the online advertising

Lately everybody talks about online advertising. Many of the big companies already tried what it is. Even though we see that there are so many campaigns running without including Internet. Here are 7 reasons why we say “Yes ”to the advertising campaigns,

  1. Online advertising is (still) cheap. The price for all the formats is lower in comparison with all the other media. Of course, logically the prices started going up.  There are cases where you can advertise online for free.
  2. Advertising online is effective - – modern technologies let the advertisers play with their imagination and put into action different amazing “tricks”. The online formats look more and more like the TV ones. They are multimedia and at the same time they give the opportunity for feedback.
  3. Online advertising efficiency can be tracked with very high accuracy.
  4. Online formats let the advertising campaign be more flexible – it can be changed faster and it will be cheaper, if needed.
  5. Online advertising can be targeted really precisely – your message can be sent easily and received fast to the target. 
  6. Online advertising usage is one of the ways to prompt that your company is modern.
  7. Online advertising is effective and this can be achieved if you follow all the steps above.

After all this – if you have already planned a campaign without adding to the mix online formats – think about it! There is nothing you can lose!
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